Mic: I want to resign.
Big Boss: Where are you going?
Mic: I am going to WSP.
Big Boss: Ok.
Mic: ……
Mic: It is because they gave me a very attractive offer.
Big Boss: Where are they based?
Mic: Holborn. They share the same building with CS.
Big Boss: Are they the same company?
Mic: No. They just share the same building.
Mic: We are quite busy recently, right?
Big Boss: I think WSP is the same.
Mic: ……
Mic: I have resigned
Small Boss: Ah…… Why?
Mic: They pay more money.
Small Boss: What did the Big Boss say?
Mic: Nothing.
Small Boss: He will come back to you very soon.
Small Boss: Have you made up your mind yet?
Mic: Yes very likey.
Email from HR: Do you have any excess annual leaves before your departure?
Mic: No, I have just used up my holiyday up to the date of my departure.
HR: Okay, I will let the account department know.
Small Boss: Did Big Boss talk to you?
Mic: No.
Small Boss: …… I think he will come back to you very soon.
Today (Thursday)
Small Boss: Mic please help me to check this calculation.
Mic: Ok.
Small Boss: Did Big Boss come back to you yet?
Mic: No.
Small Boss: No?!…… (Depressing)
Small Boss: But I think he will come back to you very soon.
Mic: ……
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8 Responses to Resign

  1. XiangYu says:

    CS 和WSP的地方, 以前常去

  2. Feifei says:


  3. Jason says:

    想起上次辞职,虽然无论如何一定要辞职的,可是心里还是企盼big boss亲自来劝自己留下,后来两个big boss前后来谈话,觉得还是很值得自豪的 :D

  4. Wei says:

    恭喜Mic。 有人配插图就更爽了。

  5. Michael says:

    Finally the Big Boss didn\’t come back to me and the Small Boss never raises this issue again. :p

  6. 筱莹 says:

    呵呵,很搞笑,我都好想知道你SMALL BOSS星期五有什么说!!!!!

  7. Lu says:

    interesting conversation~ let\’s see wht will happern tmr :)

  8. Edmond says:

    我: I think your BIG BOSS will come back to you very soon too! XD

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