Thames Festival

What a laid back evening by the River Thames.
I have never seen such a twin bicycle (DIY?)
What did Dali see?
His name is Mike. He came from Germany to visit London.
He told me his Beijing Olympics T-shirt was bought 7 years ago when he first visited China.
He is very nice and we chatted for a while.
and he was too busy to cope with his children…. so energetic were they…
Do you notice that? His children have got oriental descent. Later on we had confirmed when we saw his wife, sorry no pics of her ……
So sweet….
Another corner of the garden, someone was very busy in making bubbles…. (Well, there is always someone making bubbles at every corner of the world, esp in the property and financial market….)
He was trying to pick it by the cup….. so funny…
But all bubbles will go burst finally…… hold on, where’s this shoe come from?
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9 Responses to Thames Festival

  1. happy says:


  2. says:

    Nice pics~~傅大小姐博客不更新,只能来您这看美图了~~ the shoe….

  3. Michael says:


  4. Erica says:


  5. minmin says:


  6. YANAN says:

    I like the German family….so so so sweet Dan and children….

  7. Clare says:


  8. Wei says:

    beautifu pics~~
    moved by the german and his kids~

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