YouTube Smiles!

You will feel the world is soooo gd when you see the other smiles……


Sunray Smile recorded by Amber Van Vleet (Download)


What a difference a sunray can make

In a world that’s tired of the rain

What a difference a smile can make

In a heart that’s filled with pain

She had a Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away the snow


The darkness of a shadow always flees

Where ever a sunray is found

The darkness in a heart always leaves

When the glow of that smile is around

#She had a Sunray smile

Fairer then the spring or a rainbow

Sunray smile

Come to melt away all the snow

Repeat #


In my heart today


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21 Responses to YouTube Smiles!

  1. Unknown says:


  2. Ziming says:


  3. Michael says:

    韦总真有心,常常来鞭策我更新。。。。 我惭愧啊。。。。。

  4. Jìng says:

    还没更新? 生日快乐!

  5. Jìng says:

    Michael最近如何? 你都快一个月没更新space了

  6. bubu says:


  7. emily says:

    Mingji,how did you find this video clips? This is really nice.

  8. 无边落木的天空 says:


  9. 无边落木的天空 says:


  10. 无边落木的天空 says:


  11. 无边落木的天空 says:


  12. 强尼 says:

    楼下的 “范夏天”同学,谢谢你的同感,我只不过说个实话

  13. Summer says:


  14. Annie says:


  15. 强尼 says:


  16. Michael says:

    To Kin: 我覺得你笑得 okay 呀, 起碼好過阿鄧好多.

  17. Michael says:

    To Nora Chan :把歌词也加了。

  18. Kin says:

    我笑得唔靚, 所以成日都唔笑, 好羨慕笑得靚o既人

  19. says:

    真巧呀 我昨晚上YOUTUBE也看了这个视频 看的心里觉得好温暖

  20. Nora Chan is here says:


  21. smile says:


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